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Indoor Plant Wall Sydney


Over the years we have found that Architects and Interior Designers like to design plant and planter systems that are innovative and different to the norm.

GREEN DESIGN CAN HELP. We are set up with our own mini “construction division” that can paint to any colour and finish you desire (even concrete), help you with the plant section of your Green Star project by suggesting minimum plants for maximum points, construct minor office elements insofar as they relate to plants, and give you a choice from the largest collection of modern planters on the market.

Green Design Sustainability Program

Green Design Sustainability Program

Discover our award winning Sustainability Program. Explore our eco-friendly initiatives, from responsible sourcing, to waste reduction, and renewable energy commitments. Join us in creating a greener future, where every choice counts towards a sustainable and impactful tomorrow.

Nextgen by Green Design

NextGen by Green Design

Discover our NextGen Living Wall system, proudly distributed by Green Design in Australia and NZ. This brochure unveils the features and benefits of our state-of-the-art living wall system. The easiest living wall to install, plant and maintain.

Green Design Moss Walls

Green Design Brochure – Moss Walls

This brochure showcases our Moss Walls – a unique fusion of nature and design, bringing tranquillity and greenery to any space. Handcrafted with care, these vibrant and maintenance-free moss walls can effortlessly enhance your environment.

Green Design Our Planters

Green Design Brochure – Our Planters

This brochure explores our premium planter range. in Europe, our circular planters come in a vibrant array of colours from our in-house paint shop, allowing full customisation to fit your space. Made from 100% recyclable materials, these durable planters embody environmental responsibility. We're proud to introduce innovative options crafted from recycled fishing nets, supporting ocean conservation. Choose our planters for a stylish and eco-friendly statement, combining elegance with a commitment to the environment.

Nextgen Livingwalls Brochure195x255

NextGen Living Walls Brochure

This brochure sets out technical details and structure of the components making up the NextGen living wall system. It includes technical details, and outlines how the modular system works. Easiest to Build  -  Easiest to plant  -  Easiest to Maintain

Green Design National

Green Design National

Green Design operates throughout Australia. We currently have clients such as IAG, Deloitte, Schneider Electric, etc in many of Australia’s major cities. We do this by working with reliable indoor plant hire companies in each state capital. These companies sub contract to Green Design so that the client only has to deal with one plant hire company, Green Design. For a list of our national associate companies.

Green Design-GREEN STAR

Green Design-GREEN STAR

Green Design has nearly a 10 year history of designing plant systems in accordance with the rules and guidelines of Green Star. Some of such projects include companies such as Google, Accenture, Arup, Mirvac, Schneider and many others...

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UTS Brochure entitled “Indoor Plants Work”

Indoor plant hire has become an integral part of ensuring health benefits to both the office environment and the people within them. Plants must be maintained by a professional plant hire company to be included in the key “Green Star Rating” tool used by the Green Building Council of Australia. The attached paper outlines the benefits and the testing carried out to substantiate this claim.

PDF Brochures of Planters

PDF Brochures of Planters

We’ve included here the brochures for some of the planters available through Green Design. Where planters are not already displayed on our planter page, then most of these additional planters would have to come from overseas and thus will have a lead time.
ELHO Brochure
GROOVE Planter
COLOURFUL Images Brochure
COLOURFUL Dimensions Brochure
VASSO Brochure

Plant/Pot relationship

Plant/Pot relationship

Normally for custom planter systems or joinery, plants should stay in their grow pots rather than filling the planter with soil. This paper shows the minimum internal planter dimensions required for various plant pot sizes. It shows that allowance should be made for topping and the space below the grow pot for sub irrigation.