Green Walls

Vertical Gardens, Green Walls and Moss Walls in Sydney



Green Walls created with lush foliage liven up an empty space and provide impact. Blank walls become living works of art and contribute to a positive, healthy workspace, as well as boosting staff morale.

The seemingly endless design options for Green Walls allows you to select from a huge range of plants, layouts, sizes and patterns. The self-regulated watering system ensures that plants always look lush and healthy and contribute to office harmony by introducing the sound of nature.

For functionality and eye-catching design without high maintenance costs, a green wall is a great option.

Green Design creates, installs and maintains stunning green walls in Sydney and surrounds, and you are invited to contact the team for a free consultation in your corporate space.

For more technical information you can look at the brochure entitled “New technologies for Green Walls and Green Roofs” on our Designer Resource page, by clicking here.

Green Design Vertical Gardens uses the Verti-gan green wall system.

View the video to see how this system helps create a fabulous looking vertical green space.

Green Design Green Walls Examples

Making great workspaces is what we care about.

By connecting office plants and creative design excellence, we achieve this for our clients. We pride ourselves on creating amazing, lush green spaces to work in, bridging the gap between the natural world and modern corporate cityscapes.

The people in the office are very professional and respond quickly to all enquiries. Peter who comes into our office to water our plants is lovely, professional and friendly.

Reina Sumi

Australian Institute of Company Directors