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With over 40 years in indoor plant hire, Green Design has grown to over 35 staff, and is now one of Australia’s leading indoor plant hire and vertical garden companies. Started as a family business in 1982 we have always believed in a commitment to innovation, our people and the delivery of quality service and dealings with our customers and suppliers alike.



It starts with you. Every enquiry is taken on with a new approach.

We collaborate with you and cover every aspect of your design to bring you greenery that is truly unique. Our solutions are creative and affordable, sustainable and fit for purpose. Together we will build on each other’s ideas to push for exceptional spaces that are more than just visually appealing.  read more

Our Clients

Over 1500 clients cannot be wrong!

If there is one message we want to communicate, it’s that we work together with our clients. You are more than a part of the process, you are the reason we are in business. The fact that many of our clients have been with us for so long is the greatest compliment we can have. Here are some of the companies we have built a relationship with over the years. read more

Our Team

At Green Design, we move as a team. In doing so, we find that success takes care of itself.

More than 30% of our staff have been at Green Design longer than 10 years, with some working here for over 20! That says a lot about our company and the standards we uphold. We accomplish more for our clients through our own collaboration and enjoy a better work environment. read more