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Green Design is the sole Distributor of NextGen Living walls in AustrAlia/NZ

Living walls no longer need to be complicated

With this modular, grid-based tray system, a NextGen Living Wall is the easiest to install and maintain on the market. NextGen living walls can be scaled from as small as a few meters to as large as an entire building.

Let your imagination run free.


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Average 4-week water cycle

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Modular system that supports manual or automatic irrigation

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Plants remain in their nursery pots (no repotting required)


Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

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Works with hydro or soil plants

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NextGen – Making the Highest Living Hydro Green Wall In the World Possible

The world’s highest living wall with hydro plants was completed by a Flower Company in the Czech Republic in January 2021, using the NextGen living wall system.

Project:  Situated in the heart of Prague in the Czech Republic is a 19 Century Historic building occupied by several financial companies. The building once had a roof with an open yard but converted this into an atrium with the installation of a glass roof achieving an abundance of natural light. In 2014 a different type of green wall was installed by another company, however after a few years the condition of the wall declined dramatically, which left the investor considering new options, like a Moss Wall or artificial plants. These options did not match the philosophy of the owner who wanted the air quality and wellbeing benefits that only a living wall could deliver. The investor approved Flower Company’s plan for a complete makeover of the wall using the NextGen Living Wall system. The final approval was received just a few months before the installation.

Installation: The complete installation took 3 weeks to complete. Working hours were very limited, only five days a week between 6PM and 10PM due to the drilling into the concrete wall. Almost 5,500 hydro plants were installed using 130mm nursery pots. Flower Company always offers a 90-95% coverage of the wall from day 1 which was almost achieved. The client’s requested many plants of one variety, so a bit more time to grow is needed in this situation

Special Circumstances: Prior to installation all installers had to undertake a very detailed safety inspection, which included a doctor’s exam and special training to work at height. With the 27-metre height of the wall, it was a challenge to get the scaffolding installed and secured in time. This caused some delay in the beginning.

Service: The wall has seven sections and is connected with an automatic irrigation system including a fertilizer unit. Flower Company does a check of the wall twice a week, with the normal service interval being once a month. They use a scissor lift to reach to the height of 10 metres and have two climbers to reach the upper part of the 27-metre wall.

Lighting: Although the massive glass roof gives a lot of natural light, artificial light was also added to achieve enough LUX on all levels. Some levels have light daily from 9PM to 3AM. Regular light is scheduled from 9AM to 3PM

Irrigation: An automatic irrigation system has been installed with 7 different levels to water all the plants. This irrigation system is concealed in a separate room. With a water dosing pump, it is easy to add liquid fertilizer to the water.