Our team (Lightbox)

There is a relaxed management style as we believe in trusting our employees, ensuring staff are able to work at their best and demonstrate their own values on a daily basis. One person’s idea can become a reality when others support it. Backing from management along with individuals being committed to a team goal has formed part of our success.

With Rudy Ursem remaining as Managing Director and still actively involved in the business, he has entrusted Mark Wilkins to the role of General Manager of the company, along with Craig Atkins as head of Sales and Rod Ursem as Operations Manager. The management team develop their supervisors, trainers and team leaders through encouragement and engaging programs. Because of this, you will always receive a friendly smile or welcoming voice from our team, whether it’s our plant technicians, sales consultants, accounts support or operations division. We are here for you…simple as that!

With over 35 staff, internally we have our own support systems to ensure everything runs smoothly. From the time your order is confirmed, your planters are prepared and painted ‘in house’ while our Shadehouse staff ensure fresh stunning plants are prepared to be delivered to your workplace by our installation team. You will see our fleet of over 19 vehicles which are easily recognised in bright yellow with our logo on all sides.

We are a proud company and a proud team. We offer much more than just plants. We recommend best options for each environment. We listen to your needs on style and design. We work with you to create something special. Then we go about making sure your plants always look healthy, fresh and vibrant. You don’t need to do a thing!