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29 May 2023 Blog

Our built environment is the world’s single largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, consumes around a third of our water, and generates 40% of our waste. Thankfully, the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) and their Green Star Rating system are doing something about it. Let’s find out about Green Stars and what they mean.

The Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) is a national organisation at the forefront of developing a sustainable building industry in Australia. Established in 2002, the GBCA works closely with over 600 partner organisations – with a collective annual turnover of more than $46 billion – to lead the sustainable transformation of the built environment. To achieve this, the GBCA works to educate the industry, advocate for greener policies and processes, collaborate with businesses, and rate the sustainability of buildings, fit-outs and communities.

What is a Green Star? 

The sustainability rating of buildings is a crucial part of the GBCA’s four main pillars, which is achieved through the Green Star rating system. Green Star is an internationally recognised rating system for the built environment, from individual buildings to entire communities.

The key aim of the Green Star system is to:

  • Reduce the impact of climate change
  • Enhance our health and quality of life
  • Restore & protect the planet’s biodiversity and ecosystems
  • Drive resiliency in buildings, fit-outs, and communities
  • Contribute to market transformation and a sustainable economy

The Green Star system aims to enhance environmental efficiencies in buildings, but can also have a positive impact on productivity, employment, and the health and well-being of individuals and communities.

In 2018, GBCA developed the report, Building with Nature: Prioritising ecology and biodiversity for better buildings and cities which outlined the role of biodiversity and ecological value in the built environment and proposed significant changes to Green Star as part of the Green Star Future Focus review.

What is a green star Accredited Professional / Associate?

The Green Star Accredited Professional qualification signifies that you have technical knowledge, experience and credibility in the growing green building sector.

Green Design was the first Indoor Plant Hire company in Australia to officially become a Green Star Accredited Professional with the GBCA. They are proud to be leading the way in both their own sustainable processes and their contribution to a healthier environment through installing plants for a higher Green Star rating on collaborative projects with builders, architects, interior designers and clients.

Click Here for more information on this accreditation and Partnership with the GBCA.

Find out more about our company background and stability and our own plans for a more sustainable environment as shown in our CSR plan,

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