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Green Wall for office design


26 Aug 2022 News

Green Walls control humidity, Corporate Social Responsibility, and 40 years in the plant industry! Just some of the information you’ll find in this quarter newsletter.

When it comes to collaboration, your project’s success is what we care about. Our experts in both plants and green walls will work with you to showcase the most innovative and impressive outcomes for all who see them. From your clients, staff and other stakeholders, you will know you have everyone onside with your ‘green’ approach to office spaces.

  • In our blog, we look at how how Green Walls affect humidity.
  • We invite you to visit us at the Trade Show in October
  • Our latest CSR project
  • We celebrate 40 years in business. Thanks for being part of it
  • Hear what others are saying!
  • Join us on Social Media

Our latest newsletter covers all these topics.

Always more than just plants!

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