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Professional Indoor Plant Hire setting


06 Jun 2019 Blog

Green Design – Winner of Best Design Stand at Equinox 2019

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.”

-Michael Jordon

With the amazing team at Green Design, a professional indoor plant hire company, we have again been able to win ‘Best Stand’ as voted by Designers and Architects at the recent Equinox Sydney event. This year, the team put in a massive effort to produce one of the best stands of all time. Not only did we win the game, but we were the champions.

Thanks to everyone who voted for us

While most people don’t like change, Interior Designers crave it. In today’s design industry, it’s imperative to remain on trend and consistently come up with new and innovative designs to keep up with the ever-growing need for change. Our designers expect suppliers to be creative and support their own ideals for a project that will stand out and be second to none. The Cork and Moss Wall presented at this year’s Equinox delivered this expectation in droves. It was simply stunning.

A big thank you to all the Designers and Architects who took the time to vote for us and help us win for the third time in a row. It’s thrilling to be recognised, but especially so when it is from the industry where businesses are so design driven and in search of uniqueness.

Thanks to the team

Michael Jordon has it right. Sure, there is talent involved in creating such a unique design, but it’s the work of the entire team that has helped this become a reality. From concept to completion, it was the team effort which saw a landslide win for Green Design.

At the event, the team were there to assist and answer myriad questions by the guests in attendance. Behind the scenes, the installation team did an incredible job delivering, installing and disappearing before all the guests arrived. They are the invisible part of this design and deserve congratulations for being so efficient.

Accreditation with Industry Body

Green Design have passed their Interior Plantscape Association accreditation renewal with the IPA accreditation officer Paul Plant commenting that; ‘ Green Design have passed their accreditation –  Impressive submission with support documentation’. This one certainly impressed him. Companies are now doing their due diligence before they hire an Indoor Plantscape company to make sure they choose a reputable business belonging to an association and are accredited. Green Design have been a  member of IPA since 2002 & have always demonstrated professionalism. Accreditation is not only good for our prospective clients, but it helps us to keep an eye on the systems and processes we have in place.

It’s this type of professional work, both in design and behind the scenes, that makes Green Design professional indoor plant hire stand out in creating safe, ethical and amazing vertical greenery for office spaces around Australia. With a number of large projects under their belt, including Google’s offices in Sydney, the Prime Minister’s Office in Canberra and Transport for NSW offices in Macquarie Park, you will see incredible designs that meet all your expectations.

The vertical advantage

The urban landscape is changing and integrating greenery in the architectural blueprint of the workspace is integral to these changes. Using plants or greenery in your vertical spaces can incorporate this much wanted style and strategy without taking up any additional space.

Incorporating wellbeing in the workplace is now commonplace and you know you are on track when you introduce any style of vertical greenery. You can assure your client of lower stress levels, higher productivity (up to 8%), less sick days and more positive moods. Adding vertical greenery, in any form, will give your project the edge. Will it be your client who has the winning design? Will you be the champion?

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