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11 Aug 2018 Blog

No Ordinary Pot Plant

Picture this scene…

A mundane Monday. You are heading to the office with your mind all worked up with the same old stresses, all those workloads, the same boring workspace, the same old-fashion decor in every corner…

Cut to the next scene!

Voila! There are aesthetically pleasing planters with healthy plants in every nook and corner!  Your now ‘green’ workspace seems to be embracing you with open arms…

Now you can truly imagine what happens when you find a living working environment where green plants adorn the corners in exciting, modern and even quirky planters that say…’This is a great place to work and feel good’.

Quirkiness begins…

Plants can be the drama queens of any office interior décor. In any urban office design, modern planters are the best solutions to keep your mind motivated! Any workplace requires a bit of greenery and this should be done in the right proportions. But…if you want to add a little extra ‘good vibes’ and ‘cheer’ to the office, why not also pay some attention to the planters. Make them bright colours, extra-large, or bring in some industrial or earthy tones. Have two tone planters or add some of your own decorations to them. After all, you spend most of your week in this space…why not make it ‘yours’?

Rather than opting for a chaotic mess with plants, this year, go for modern office planters, the latest of which are even available with rented plants, making them less expensive long term and having no capital outlay at all!

Why does an office need them?

Modern office planters can very well –

  • Enhance the atmosphere
  • Reduce a lot of noise
  • Fill an empty space or cover a ‘blotchy’ architectural defect
  • Give your office an upgraded eco-friendly look

Moreover, there are a variety of such planters now going viral in the office scene:

  1. Industrial
  2. Rusty (as well as Rustic)
  3. Wooden
  4. Concrete, etc.

These designer planters are worthy of any workplace setup. They are lightweight and come in a variety of colors depending upon the material they are made from. You can either go for the rustic earthly tones or the modern corporate planters to revamp your office! They are available in diverse sizes to suit each various workplace requirement and if you rent your planters, it means you can update them as the décor requires over the years, without expensive up-front costs.

These planters can be the cool interior asset that brings a lively or earthly feeling to your workplace and helping you create a mini natural landscape. However, remember to prune and clean your plants, and replace them when needed. Nothing is worse than sick plants. Even better, by renting the entire planters and plants, someone will do all this for you, so they always look good!

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