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Wt Partnership Moss Wall in office


20 Jun 2022 Blog

You can’t go past them without thinking…Wow! They are Moss Walls. While they can be bespoke, customised to suit your office, or even architecturally designed, they are also increasing the health and wellbeing of your employees!

Perhaps you didn’t realise this. Maybe there are other questions you have about Moss Walls. We are here to answer some of your questions by offering you our list of the most frequently asked questions by our own clients.

Questions and Answers about Moss Walls:
  1. What is the maximum size a moss wall can be?
    1. The true answer is: There is no maximum. However, of course there are more complexities as the wall gets larger or more customised.
    2. A Moss Wall that takes up an entire office wall is spectacular and is one of the most impressive introductions to a business. In a corporate environment, we all know how first impressions count.
  1. How much do moss walls cost?
    1. Of course, Moss Walls will vary, depending on the size, space and features of the wall and your square metre price will need a full quote. This is because of the variation of the surface for the installation, the difficulty of access to the space and the style of moss you prefer, or number of variations you require.
    2. Adding a logo or inserting a separate entity, such as a TV Screen, will add additional cost for labour, but the amount of moss will be reduced so it’s not altogether easy to give a ‘generic’ price.
    3. Find out more about the price of moss for your office by simply calling to discuss your individual needs.
    4. Maintenance is extremely low
  1. How long do moss walls last?
    1. As long as you want. This is because we offer an upgrade or maintenance service to ensure any damage or aging of the moss is repaired or replaced. It’s a bit like keeping your wooden floors maintained. Generally, you look after them, but once in a while give them an overhaul to make sure they look fresh again.
  1. Can you have a living moss wall indoors?
    1. Living Moss is not something that will survive on its own indoors. We only use preserved moss for this reason. It’s still real, but not still living. Looks and feels soft and cool, but won’t die. Perfect!
  1. Do moss walls attract bugs?
    1. No more than a picture painting on the wall. Insects are attracted to the moisture and soil in plants. Preserved moss walls do not have any kind of soil and they don’t need any watering.
  1. Are moss walls healthy?
    1. While there is no data on this currently, there has been discussions about Moss potentially absorbing many of the toxins in the air. We know that on a humid day, the preserved Moss Walls will feel more soft and cool, compared to a dry day or an office that does not have enough humidity in the air. It’s a great indicator of how well your air-conditioning is working. If your skin is feeling dry, the moss probably does too.
    2. Dr Paul Osmond, director of the Sustainable Built Environment Program at UNSW, said there was sustainability value in pure aesthetics, which he said was part of social sustainability. This included the value of nature in terms of biophilic responses such as stress reduction, particularly in otherwise built-up areas, where there was relatively little other opportunity for greening. “It is a big social, educational and health benefit.”
    3. By giving people a dose of nature indoors, they have a sense of wellbeing. This equates to higher productivity and less sick days.
    4. Read more about why Moss Aint Just Moss in our blog here.
  1. How do you keep moss walls alive?
    1. Most Moss Walls are preserved. So, although they are real moss, they are no longer growing and therefore need almost no maintenance. Often we spray them to keep them moist so they don’t dry out, but this is only on an ‘as needed’ basis.
    2. Read more about the earliest use of moss in our blog here
  1. Can you help me design a moss wall?
    1. At Green Design, it’s all about you. If you can visualise it, we want it in your office.
    2. We specialise in designing Moss Walls that are bespoke to your needs and we have the expert capabilities and team to support successful results.
  1. How long do Moss Walls take to install?
    1. Not long! Most of the work happens offsite at our warehouse. They are one of the quickest Green Walls to install and can often be installed within a few hours.
    2. Although this is time lapsed videography, you will see what an installation of a small Moss Wall with logo looks like.

Contact Green Design here to see how we can help you get your project off to the right start for your Moss Wall installation.

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