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07 Aug 2019 Blog

We all want instant impact and positive first impressions when clients are visiting our premises. Moss Walls are a WOW factor, low maintenance way to create amazing green walls in your workplace. They are eye-catching, interesting and textured to offer a realistic balance between the natural outdoors and the working space. 

Moss Walls are fast becoming as popular as living green walls yet are a cost-effective alternative. Because the moss is preserved, the wall requires very little maintenance and has longevity. There are some rules around this, and in this blog, we aim to give you a guide to making sure you get the most out of your Moss Wall.

  1. Moss Walls require a minimum humidity level of 40%. If the humidity in an office space drops below 40%, the moss will require re-hydrating by a humidifier or light spritzing with water. This may be needed on a regular basis, however if the humidity in your office is too low, it could also be affecting the humans. Nothing technical here, just feeling the moss wall from time to time is an easy indicator of low humidity. Just as your eyes and skin can dry out in low humidity, so can the moss and it will feel a little dry to touch.
  2. Moss, just like any interior wall, is susceptible to damage caused by humans. This could be an accident if something is scaped or knocked against the wall, or simply from people being too aggressive when touching it. The moss is 100% repairable and Green Design usually carry out repairs within 24-48 business hours form the time they are notified.
  3. Moss can be installed in almost any area of your office; however harsh sunlight will cause colour fading and it is not for outdoor use. It is best to be installed in an interior position away from direct sunlight. Although lighting is not a requirement for the moss wall, adding lighting is essential to having the WOW factor and aesthetics you are looking for and should be factored into the initial budget.

Moss walls come in a variety of colours in addition to three distinct textures; Reindeer Moss, Platt Moss and Poll Moss. The design is completely bespoke as the moss comes in both panels and loose moss for creating all shapes and sizes. Bring your company logo to life using a mixture of these colours and textures. Or add your 3D logo to an entire wall of Moss. The moss is real and the environmentally friendly, biodegradable preservative used help the moss to retain its natural appearance and vivid colour.

Some other benefits of Moss in the workplace are:

  • Effective noise absorbent
  • Supports wellbeing of those working around it due to its biophilic affect
  • Minimal maintenance required
  • Smells fresh and green
  • Won’t discolour (keep out of direct sunlight)
  • Fire retardant
  • Does not attract bugs
  • Won’t wilt or die off

If your brief is to include functionality as well as eye-catching design without high installation and maintenance costs, a Moss Wall should be considered in your next refurbishment or new office fit out. With today’s minimalistic office spaces, echo issues can be easily resolved with a Moss Wall absorbing much of the office noise. Not only are they practical, they become a talking point and often become the ‘selfie wall’.

How creative will you be with your Moss Wall?

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moss wall, green wall, office plants, indoor plant hire, moss walls, vertical gardens, green design,
moss wall, green wall, office plants, indoor plant hire, moss walls, vertical gardens, green design,