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04 Feb 2019 Blog

In Hospitality…Let Your Plants be the Host

Everyone loves indoor plants. After all, they make you feel at home, welcome and comfortable right away. So, if you give your guests a jungle and they may never want to leave!

Rather than a dull, conventional hotel with all the standard amenities a visitor would expect, why not add that jungle! This will integrate greenery to give a harmonic balance between the natural outdoors and the comfort of the space. Suddenly, that comfortable space is no longer commonplace with nothing out of the ordinary to note. Instead of being hardly worth the time it takes to leave a review, its impressive, feels good and has become a place to sleep, relax, rest and recover from the days business or tourist activities. The clever hotel manager who installs this interior plantscape will quickly see comments about the indoor plants and referrals coming in.

Designs with plants can be modern and progressive, all the while not interfering with the travellers need for familiarity. They still get their hot shower, clean sheets and room service, but they have just had a biophilic moment. In this, there is a powerful sense of serenity. It’s the added touch you need today to gain the edge over your competitors. And it’s simple to achieve.

What will you do to gain those increased bookings and extraordinary reviews?  Yes…indoor plants. Here’s why this trend is gaining ground:

A Change of pace

For regular travellers, it can be difficult to offer anything better than what you are doing now. By adding plantscaping, you not only offer them a new look, but a new feel. It’s unique and memorable and offers a different pace. It’s also review worthy! The garden is always a place where people feel good, so bring this into your hotels for a great source of joy. It will give them a little touch of their own garden, re-created while they are travelling. Guests will want to return as they feel an attachment to the property and know they will have relief from their day to day issues.

Comfort and Wellness

It’s no wonder people are more likely to walk into a restaurant or hotel lobby where there are plants or nature involved. This feeling of biophilia is the humans innate need to be near nature. We all have this and its why people will stay longer in a hotel with biophilic features, such as plants, water features or great views.  While a great view is not always possible, and plumbing may inhibit installing a water feature, most hotels can easily adapt plants as their way of offering that feeling of something comfortable and soothing for their guests. What’s more, their guests will find themselves more productive and feeling happier and healthier as a result of the additional plants. The UTS studies have shown this to be true in the workplace and other buildings in urban and built up areas.

Spaciousness and Peace

When attracting more guests, it’s important to make sure there is plenty of room, but also that there are intimate places to go for peace and quiet. Having plants strategically placed in a large room can keep the spacious feel of the room while separating areas into their own ‘spaces’. Using plants as screening gives privacy and a relaxed atmosphere while not allowing the area to be completely blocked off. Improving the aesthetics of a space with plants that have a second function is a cost-effective way of improving your chances of guests returning. Promoting your ambiance, spaciousness and peaceful ‘hubs’ surrounded by indoor plants will go a long way to helping your bottom dollar.

Staff would need to take meticulous care to maintain all plants as there is nothing worse than unhealthy plants. An indoor plant hire company with professional plant technicians could be considered to ensure your interior plantscaping is always healthy and lush. They are not only experts in this field but should instantly replace any plants that become sick or overgrown.

The harmony brought to your hotel from biophilic design will have lasting appeal to your guests as, more and more in today’s stressful environment, they seek soothing relief from their busy workload. A peaceful place to work within a spacious room is the new standard business travellers are seeking.


Staff and Guests alike will benefit from the feeling of nature surrounding them. Most hotels can utilise plants on any budget and those who heed the biophilic design choices as a way to increase guest satisfaction will find themselves ahead of the game. After all, Green has never been more on trend than right now!

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Indoor Plant Hire, Office Plant Hire, Biophilia, Clean Air, Office Plants,