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31 Oct 2019 Blog

Green Walls, Vertical Gardens, Vertical Greenery. Call it whatever you like, when it comes to improving your office space over multiple facets, you can’t go past these living works of art. Winning first impressions. Building your business brand and culture. Supporting your staff both physically and mentally.

Although there are many reasons for installing a Green Wall or Vertical Garden, there might also be some factors that are holding you back. The most common reasons are Time and Money.

A picture tells a thousand words, and a Green Wall or Vertical Garden can become just that. Create your own living picture on a reception wall or main workspace. Improving your office space with the latest Green Wall or Vertical Gardens is now easier than ever.

Save Money

With the latest research from Europe, our team have been able to source the new Verti-Gan System which has proven to be one of the most cost effective and easiest Green Walls on the market. Now available through Green Design Indoor Plant Hire in Australia, they offer full installation and maintenance, or a DIY product complete with back up support.

Here are just some of the ways a business can save money with this Vertical Garden:

  • Self-watering pump with recycled water means minimal electricity and water costs. Better for your pocket and better for the environment.
  • Less maintenance is needed on each plant as they are self-regulating due to it’s patented ‘Air Pots’.
  • Changing over plants far less often saving on purchase of new plants and labour costs on sourcing and installing each plant.
  • No clogging of the pump so less time spent on maintaining the ‘system’.
  • Staff actively engaging with their surroundings are more productive. Get the team involved!

Save Time

Just as your workplace is more productive when you can find ways to automate some of the work, so is the automated system in this Green Wall. With only a standard powerpoint required, you can simply turn on the timer and the Green Wall will water itself using recycled water.

  • Pots don’t become waterlogged as they are ‘Air Pots’ so need less attention.
  • The deep reservoir at the back of each plant ensures any dirt residue is kept in the deep water and doesn’t flow into the system allowing for smooth operation and less labour.
  • Plants drink as much or as little as they want, the no tangle root system and an automated watering pump means these Green Walls require minimal hands on activity.
  • Changing a plant is quick and extremely easy to do, saving time.
  • Full Green Wall maintenance is available at much lower rates than ever before.

The Verti-Gan system allows for a huge choice of plant species. They will always look lush and healthy no matter what their water requirements with this new Green Wall and it’s self-regulated watering system. A Green Wall such as the Verti-Gan Wall is something everyone can afford and maintain.

Here’s an information video to support the above article

It’s so easy. Add a vertical garden or green wall today.

Talk to the team at Green Design Indoor Plant Hire today.

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