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23 Sep 2019 Blog

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”

-Albert Einstein

Biophilia, a popular term in the current urban environment, refers to a human being’s innate fascination with nature and living systems. We are genetically conditioned to be allured by nature.

In the modern world, the connection between humans and nature is all but lost. We spend more and more time indoors. This, and the high rate of migration to urban areas has provided fuel to this divide even further. So how do we get our Biophilia fix?

Biophilic designs are bridging this gap and bring today’s urbanites closer to nature by consciously integrating nature and the outdoors within working spaces.

Higher Productivity Through Well-being

It is estimated that cardio-vascular ailments and mental disorders are going to be the two most serious health threats in the coming years. Incidentally, both are related to stress. Stress, along with general lack of well-being, have massive impacts on the productivity of an individual and organisations.

Incorporating natural elements in a built environment has shown positive results on the mental and physical well-being of concerned individuals. It is especially true for work-spaces where the effects of biophilic designs have been starkly noticeable.

Research has revealed the following crucial effects of the biophilic approach in different environments:

  • Workplace: Office spaces with biophilic designs increase productivity by 8% and reduce absenteeism.
  • Education: Students have shown a 25% improvement in the rate of learning; attendance level went up, and the impact of ADHD reduced.
  • Residential: Residents of biophilic homes have shown a drastic improvement in their moods and general wellbeing.
  • Healthcare: Patients displayed an improved rate of post-operative recovery time by as much as 8%; 22% reduction in pain medication.

Does This Really Work?

The key focus of biophilic built designs is to support the well-being of humans in the indoor environments they work in. This is achieved through enhancement of air quality, improved light setting, ventilation and the reduction of toxin levels to create a more natural space for its workers.

By incorporating natural elements into the design, biophilic offices have become an important part of the urban landscape, helping their inhabitants feel a sense of calm and serenity. Although this may seem too easy, there are many scientifically proven theories which support this general ambience of the space having a positive effect on mental and physical states.

Additionally, inclusion of office plants is a crucial aspect of adopting this green concept. Many of these are common in today’s indoor plant hire industry and are readily available for use in biophilic design. To be effective the plants must always be healthy and therefore the use of professional office plant hire companies is crucial.

Ultimate Peace of Mind

Biophilic designs are gaining popularity by leaps and bounds as we continue to look for ways to resonate with our natural environment. It is paramount that the interior environment resonates with this aura of natural beauty to ensure the positive effects of such an environment are at work. The well-documented and thoroughly established science of Biophilia gives us human beings the best possible environment for total peace of mind.

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