Green Design Pricing

For the cost of a coffee each week, you can hire a large office plant, complete with decorative planter and all necessary maintenance and/or replacements.



Indoor plant hire is surprisingly cheap in Sydney. In fact, for the cost of a coffee each week, you can hire a large office plant, complete with decorative planter and all necessary maintenance and/or replacements.
Without knowing the factors specific to your office, we can only give you an approximate indication of the investment involved. These factors include:

  • Light levels available
  • The types of indoor plant or planter you would like to hire
  • The number of plants required


Single Floor Plant 1000 to 1800mm tall

Planter Boxes with 3 to 4 plants each

Desk plants


$2 to $10 each per week


$3 to $12 each per week

$1 – $2.50 each per week

Contact us for a formal quote using our enquiry form or call us on 02 9410 0204. We’ll provide a fully costed and detailed proposal for your indoor plant hire or office plant hire requirements.


FREE Advice on Indoor Plant Hire

Want to hire some office plants, but not sure what to get? Don’t worry. We’ll be happy to advise you – completely free, and with no obligation. If you’re in Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle or Wollongong, we will come to see you! We even have affiliates in all other capital cities in Australia.

Our consultants will call out to see you and offer a full consultation. This will allow them to listen to your needs and preferences and work with you on the most creative and cost-effective ideas for your office.

For example, we can give you free, no obligation advice on:

  • The type of indoor plant best suited to your Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle or Wollongong office.
  • The best position for your indoor plants to thrive.
  • The best plants to remove indoor airborne toxins and VOCs that are common in office spaces.
  • The health and productivity benefits of indoor plant hire for your team working in offices.

Modern Indoor Plant Hire Planters

Over the years, there has been a change in the types of containers used in the indoor plant hire industry. We have a massive choice in our standard rental range, including hundreds of colours to choose from. Sometimes you may want something a little special. That WOW factor! We also offer planters from Europe which can be ordered in advance and will give you that point of difference.

Alternatively, if you or your designer would prefer your own custom planters, talk to our consultants about our Green Assist Program. We will waterproof your own planters, set them up with our sub-irrigation system, include the top plate and topping of pebbles or bark and deliver them to your office, installed with the plant. Too easy. We will also consult with you on our Vertical Planting Options, including the maintenance free Moss Walls. Our consultants will help you with the timeline and costs to ensure a smooth installation.

So, if it is indoor plant hire in Sydney you need, it’s got to be Green Design – Enquire now!