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05 Oct 2018 Blog

Choosing Superior Quality Moss Walls – Four Must-Know Tips

Inspiring your interiors with ‘nature’ is in vogue. Today, moss walls have generated great interest, especially within the corporate sector, as it brings a taste of the outdoors in, and generates a calming and indeed mysterious effect. This is now the latest design trend which has hooked millennials.

Yet, interior designing is not something to be taken lightly. Often, you land up with poor quality moss and inferior installations which produce a disorderly look and degrades, rather than enhances the entire space. The opposite of what you want! Therefore, at that moment when you might become overwhelmed with which is quality, and which is not, here’s how you can get it right.

Do your homework well:

  1. Thoroughly check samples!

A common mistake is to check only samples of moss. However; Checking mere samples won’t really cut it. To be absolutely sure, ask to see plenty of photos of completed projects. You see, moss walls are truly made from the stuff which grows on rocks. Your moss wall should look fresh, green, soft for many years to come, even after it has been touched by many hands. It is enticing and soft to touch, meaning many visitors will do just that. Touching the moss is part of the intrigue, and the moss needs to be installed with this in mind. You certainly need to see samples to provide an initial understanding of the moss, but before making a decision, check photos of how the moss will look after the completed installation.

  1. Quality and testimonials

Get a detailed idea about the quality and installation process so that there are no regrets. Look for Moss that is imported from Europe, rather than China. Clients will appreciate the option to choose Moss that is installed with Low VOC’s. This includes the materials of the backing boards and the glue used to install Moss.

A reputed company offering moss walls is bound to possess genuine testimonials and/or references. Checking these facts out as a new prospective client proves beneficial for both the buyer and the brand selling a product. It’s like a marketing bible! It speaks the truth as no client will stake their reputation on giving false references and information about a supplier.

  1. Don’t opt for an inferior look

Longevity and distinction are two qualities which you obviously want. However, some mosses falter on this aspect and give off a mediocre look to your space. Avoid wild moss or lichen that has not been proven to last. Be sure that your interior only gets the best moss by questioning your supplier about installation processes, ongoing maintenance plans and client testimonials as mentioned above. A truly authentic moss wall is created as a tribute to this wonderful ancient plant form, and carries a wisdom that age brings, just by looking at it! It should stay true for many years.

  1. Buy from experienced professionals

Before jumping onto the first supplier you find, make sure that you do a background check on their credibility. This includes more than just checking the quality of the moss. The following may help you decide:

  • Companies that have been accredited within their national industry body gives you confidence right away. A well-reviewed and accredited brand always brings complete satisfaction to their customers.
  • Buying from professionals who have gained experience and references from clients
  • Look for a company who has been an innovator in the indoor plant industry of Australia.
  • Moss Walls should be installed by professionals with the backing of a guarantee.
  • Suppliers should give you advice on lighting, moisture and any maintenance requirements.
  • Although very low maintenance, the product is bespoke and delicate and needs some instruction. Suppliers should offer 100% ability to repair their product should there be any accidental damage.

Last minute heads up!

This is an era where materialism has dug its claws deep. However, natural beauty and that feeling of an innate connection to it relieves you from stress. Therefore, today’s interior design has evolved into a naturalised green culture. Hence, Moss Walls! But not just any moss walls. Look for innovative companies who were initiators of this industry and have longevity. They will ensure supreme quality standards and a more sophisticated finesse in your office fit-out.

Look for suppliers who have detailed and comprehensive websites and actual references that allow you to follow up and confirm their facts.

Thus, now you can re-connect with a world of serenity!

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