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28 Apr 2021 Blog

We read surveys about the return-to-work challenges and they almost always show most office employees want to spend some or all of their time working from home. This was evident in the recent white paper, The Nature of the Post-Pandemic WorkplaceWith everything we know about the value of having nature around us, why haven’t more people connected the dots and considered adding more nature in the form of office plants in workspaces? In nice climates like Sydney, moving work areas outdoors to balconies with plants is also an option.

We are starting to hear from our large employers about making their offices more appealing to encourage employees to return. They prioritize collaborative workspaces and understand their workspaces need to compete with home offices. Homes offer real windows that open, backyards to walk on grass, and street and park views. Indoor plant sales have gone crazy during lock downs as people want their home workspace to have indoor plants making their environment more comfortable.

Views of nature and plants increase property values. This can include a balcony or outside area (even the roof) where plants become a small oasis for employees to take a break, clear their mind and enjoy their workplace. Properties with these features become sought after.

An additional benefit of plants that doesn’t get mentioned as often as it should is the noise-reduction quality. According to the National Association of Landscape Professionals, USA, exterior landscaping can reduce noise levels up to 30%. Moss walls are even better at sound dampening and confer many of the same benefits as living walls and plants in areas not well suited to living plants.

If you cannot plant trees in the ground, you can get the same effect from smaller trees and evergreen plants in containers. You can use them on balconies, decks, along walkways, or nearly anywhere with a solid, safe surface and plenty of light. This is a popular approach among many of Green Design’s clients – and we create beautiful outdoor spaces if we do say so ourselves.

Office plants can also become an oasis, using them as a divider between various work spaces or to cordon off a breakout area. When people have nature around them they are known to be more productive and have less sick days. This has been the evidence of many UTS studies on Biophilia. It’s a real thing and everyone has it!

Green Walls and Vertical Gardens are a wonderful way to offer your employees a dose of medicine for their biophilia. They are calming and reinvigorating at the same time. They will entice your employees to want to come back to work in the office environment as they feel the effects of nature around them. Clients will also be impressed with this ‘Wow Factor’ which is a statement that you both care for your staff and have a ‘green’ approach to business.

Nature’s economic value is undeniable. Whether it’s priceless green walls or beautiful container plants improving indoor and outdoor workspaces, the benefits are many.

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