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01 Oct 2020 Blog

Do you arrive at work fired up and inspired? Do you love your workspace? Does your office support the productive day you hope for? For many people, sadly, the answer to these questions are no. We are bored in our office and everything seems mundane. Often there just doesn’t seem to be any space left for inspirational décor. Especially living office plants! But what if I told you there is a way to achieve this…and it’s remarkably easy.

Everyone loves plants and they truly support a healthier work environment. We know this because there are multiple studies on this topic. Now, more than ever we need to include some positivity in our surroundings. Office plants are the answer and indoor plant hire is a fantastic way to eliminate upfront costs and the worry of looking after them. The best of both worlds.

Here’s a few ways you can have a sanctuary in your own office without crowding the space or breaking the budget:

  1. Put them on the wall. There are many ways you can have planters installed on the walls. Some planters can be attached directly to the wall and others are structured within a system (Green Wall or Vertical Garden). You should always check with your building manager to ensure the wall can support these installations (and that they allow it). Using a green wall has a much greater ‘wow’ factor and a lasting impression on both clients and staff alike. The can be as small as a painting or an entire wall, but they speak volumes about your style of leadership and the type of business you run.
  2. Hang them above you. Hanging office plants make your space look like a green house. Hanging baskets and designer planters come in many colours to compliment your décor. Remember, it’s best to hang them above corridors or empty spaces so they are easier to reach for watering, maintaining or changing. An indoor plant hire company can help you with suggestions of plants that will do best in hanging planters for the best affect.
  3. Using them as partitioning. As social distancing becomes the norm, why not partition off areas using larger office plants or freestanding vertical gardens? What a bonus! Keeping up with health requirements and making your staff feel safe, while making everyone feel good and become more productive at work. You’ll be able to match them with your décor and move them around in an instant to suit any changes you might need to make.
  4. Show off your front desk/entry. Your reception is often your ‘first impression’. Why not put your most dynamic plant, or planter, right out front? There is almost always a table, desk, bench or floor space for at least one plant in the entry of your business, so make it a good one. Add a bright coloured pot or a flowering plant and give your business an instant look of success.
  5. Use miniatures. These not only look nice but can be used on everyone’s desk, giving everyone their own ‘little piece of inspiration’. Each person can choose their favourite plant (within reason). Ask a professional what will work best. Although people love little cacti or succulents on their desk, these only work if you have full sun on them. Try a Zanibar Gem or a Sansavieria Rozette instead. They’ll also grow a lot faster too!
  6. Group plants together. Rather than having two or three plants scattered around, grouping them together gives the impression that there are more. It’s an instant positive impression having a cluster of plants, compared to seeing one plant, then another and another. The cluster wins every time! Put some thought into how this might work as a partition between workers for use during social distancing. It’s much better than a wall or complete separation. Think about different shapes, colours, heights and styles. The sky is the limit.

We need to take care of our employees and teams to enforce a sense of normality and comfort. After so much isolation and uncertain times, we want to make sure our employees don’t just come back to the office, but that they come back to a lively, exciting office that makes them feel good about where they work. Imagine their delight when they arrive to see a new green wall, vertical garden, hanging office plants or their own desk plant!

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