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28 Feb 2021 Blog

2021 Emerging Office Design Essentials: Plants

In the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic, Designers and Architects understand how the workplace will emerge reinvented. They are having to consider more and more variables when mapping out a 2021 Office Design. It must be sustainable, offer a healthy work environment, keep up with design trends, and of course, look spectacular to all who see it.

More and more people are learning the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle through plants. Well maintained office plants offer multiple benefits to office workers including feeling healthier, breathing cleaner air, and having a more aesthetically pleasing workplace.

A recent White Paper by our fellow plant company in San Diego CA, The Good Earth Plant Company, reveals much of what the future has in store with the introduction of their study on this very topic: The Nature of the Post Pandemic Workplace

Here, based on these reports and studies, we break down some of the main findings of the white paper to show how plants fit with each of these findings:

Top items desired in office space by employees: Natural light, live indoor plants, and quiet working spaces.

Clearly plants are one of the preferred features desired by workers. For employees to be encouraged to come back to working in an office environment (at least part of the time), plants could be the crucial difference between coming into the office or continuing to work from home. Most plants also benefit from good natural light and can be used as a barrier for social distancing, gentle separation and noise reduction.

Healthy workplaces are no longer negotiable. Access to fresh air, natural light, adequate personal space, and cleanliness affect the perception of safety.

Everyone wants to be safe in their workplace. Using plants not only introduces more oxygen into the air, but it also gives separation and personal space, without hard barriers. Office walls can cut off natural light, where office plants and in particular, vertical gardens, can be the perfect solution for privacy. Professionally maintained plants always look good and give a perception of a healthy environment.

Creating a nature-based environment with plants and natural materials is essential to post-pandemic business survival.

How do project managers create complex designs that are unique, when working with plants? How can they rely on ‘plant companies’ to understand the intricate details of their designs? Using a credible plant hire company such as Green Design, who can not only build a green wall but have the background experience to easily work with your joinery experts to ensure the least complications and the best ROI.

One-third of office workers say the design of an office would affect their decision to accept a job offer.

If you want the best staff…have the best office! Simple. Give them what they want, and they will want to come to work. In fact, they will enjoy their work environment. A work environment that’s positive will be reflected with higher productivity. That’s a bonus for everyone.

Make sure you have a ‘Wow’ factor. Simply having some plants around might no longer be enough. Including a Green Wall in your entry or a Roof Top Garden breakout area will really ‘wow’ any prospective candidates you are interviewing. You will be seen as an employer of choice.

One month of workplace greenery maintenance costs less than buying lunch for employees once a month.

How much would it cost to buy everyone lunch in the office once per month? This would depend on how many staff you have compared to how many plants you want. There is more about this in the white paper, but considering plants start from as little at $5 per month to rent, there’s no reason not to have at least some greenery in your office. And there’s nothing to think about as they are completely maintained for you.

How to find an expert?

Not everyone is a plant specialist and often people find it challenging to start the process of maintaining office plants. The confusion often starts with researching and choosing the right office plants and aligning the selection with your own unique joinery and other needs.

At Green Design, our specialist technical department understand those building needs and indeed, have worked in these industries. This means less confusion and better processes right from the beginning.

First steps

It is recommended that people consider indoor plant hire from professionals that have the knowledge to support building of green walls, roof top gardens and other high-end products. While our installations involving construction, such as Green Walls, have an installation cost, the ongoing maintenance is paid for by the client who will see savings through less time consuming replacements, watering, cleaning, updated pot colours etc. as everything is included in their rental price.

Office fit outs are recurring more frequently, so gaining repeat business from your clients is even more essential. The maintenance of their plants is an important part of that. No-one wants to buy your design, only to find a shabby look just a few months down the track. Green Design will keep plants not only looking healthy and lush, but we support cleaner air, higher productivity, and less sick days in the office.

Yes…Always Looking Good

All in all, with all the pros and cons factored in, it can be said that if you are committed to living in a green office environment then you should strongly consider plant hire by a professional service provider. They will choose the right office plants and offer the expertise to work with designers and architects on their projects for sustainable, healthy, post pandemic offices.

View White Paper here

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