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19 Aug 2020 Blog

Living a sustainable and healthy lifestyle is quickly becoming an accepted trend around the world with more and more people learning the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle. One of these growing trends is installing office plants.

Well maintained office plants offer multiple benefits to office workers. These include feeling healthier, breathing cleaner air, and having a more aesthetically pleasing workplace.

There is also a more positive impression that the business has a ‘green’ attitude, thought this is only evident when the plants look healthy. Sick plants will have the opposite effect.

It Can’t Be That Hard…Can it?

Not everyone is a plant specialist and often people find it challenging to start the process of maintaining office plants. The confusion often starts with researching and choosing the right office plants and aligning the selection with your own unique preferences. You’ll also need to buy maintenance items (like wood chip or pebbles, waterproof inserts, clippers, leaf shine, watering cans etc). Training and delegating your staff to maintain the plants is an ongoing process. This can include not over-watering them, keeping the pots clean, cutting them back, cleaning them, replacing the plants when they get sick, researching suppliers, the purchasing process, delivery and installation and potting up new plants. In addition, you will want to find the latest trend for pots and change the colours as you change your décor.

First steps

Consider using indoor plant hire professionals who provide this service and handle these issues. Some important advantages of employing a good indoor plant hire company include:

  • Office plants are cleaned, shined, and watered regularly by people who have been trained to maintain them
  • Any unhappy plants will be replaced as needed at no extra cost for you.
  • You don’t have to worry about finding office staff who will do everything from choosing planter decor to experimenting with plant species
  • There is always someone you can call when you want to change the indoor plants or update the planters to a new style or colour
  • You will have a waterproof planter system installed and won’t have to worry about the equipment as someone will undertake regular maintenance.
  • Everything is arranged and organised for your peace of mind
  • Your office plants will always look good!

Stress Free AND Less Cost!

Another important advantage of indoor plant hire by a professional provider in Sydney is that your total costs go down with time; despite the popular myth that it might be expensive to hire people to take care of plants. You will need to remember to weigh up the costs incurred when you are spending dollars on the travel and transport involved in finding the right nurseries and shops. There are also delivery charges, labour costs for someone to maintain them and the costs associated with buying a plant to replace those that die (because a staff member went on holidays and nobody watered them).

With professional indoor plant hire, all you have to do is arrange a free consultation and then your monthly invoice will cover all of this work. It’s better to have no plants than sick plants! If you have already installed office plants and need a ‘rescue’…most good plant hire companies will be able to help bring the plants up to a professional standard or assist with replacements.

Yes…Always Looking Good

All in all, with all the pros and cons factored in, it can be said that if you are committed to living in a green office environment then you should strongly consider plant hire by a professional service provider. They have the knowledge and experience that is needed to choose the right office plants. They also have the expertise to handle and maintain the plants so your business always looks good!