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23 Nov 2018 Blog

10 Indoor Plants that Love Good Light

Indoor plants are not just a quick decorating thing. You need to put some thought into what plants you are going to use. Bright rooms may seem like a wonderful place for indoor plants, however the reality is, many houseplants can encounter leaf scorch from too much sunlight.

Numerous plants originate from jungle areas where the canopy of the trees will continually filter the light. Others thrive only when there is plenty of direct or indirect light in the space. The trick is finding the right balance. You can arrange a bright window sill or sunny office space with some flowering Bromeliads, waxy Jade or even Yucca plants.

If you’re already stressing because of your ‘brown thumb’, don’t worry. Today we will discuss some of the many plants which are best for sunny and well-lit areas. You can organise an indoor plant hire service or just follow these simple tips to keep them alive and flourishing:

Ficus Lyrata

The stunning Ficus Lyrata, in the mulberry and fig family Moraceae, has extensive violin-shaped leaves over 18 inches in length, hence it is also known as the fiddle-leaf fig. They are rich and sculptural, and they make for excellent eye candy in the plant world. A very popular plant of recent times.


Yucca plants are prevalent indoor plants with their striking and attractive appearance. This, along with being easy to grow and maintain make them perfect indoor plants. They must receive plenty of direct sunlight to thrive.

Ficus Sabre

Fast growing, energetic, evergreen tree with appealing, reflexive, dark green foliage and delicately sobbing branches. Perfect for use as patio tree or indoors beside a window with lots of direct light. Will acclimatise themselves to a bright position without direct sun light.

Golden Cane palm

Official name, the Areca palm is an excellent example for big sunny spaces as they will grow quite large. The plants can grow around 6 to 8 feet tall inside and have a spread of quite a few feet. They require minimal maintenance other than a bright space. They are a heavy user of water.

Strelitzia Nicolai

Strelitzia (related to the bird of paradise). It has a pleasant symmetrical shape and substantial long oval formed leaves. It is superbly simple to grow and maintain and appreciates warm, refreshing days all year. This variety gives you a ‘no mess’ approach as it will not flower or die off in winter.


Bromeliad plants give a colourful touch to the home or office and bring a feeling of the tropics and a sun-kissed atmosphere. Growing a bromeliad as a houseplant is simple and conveys fascinating surface and shading to the interior garden. As one flower dies out, another with sprout from its side! Will need some direct sun light if you want it to flower



Aglaonema are perfect indoor plants and simple to grow. There are around 40 types of foliage in the family which are decorative plants for the workplaces and home. While they like the light, they do not want direct sunlight so choose their position carefully.


With its hard stems and intriguing, plump, waxy leaves, jade plants have persisted as a prevalent houseplant for those with bright spaces. Jade plants require somewhere around 4 hours of daylight every day, so not usually ideal on your desk. Try the windowsill instead.

All Succulents

Succulents can grow indoors with insignificant exertion which is in trend right now. Potting them in various quirky containers can be fun. They come is a wide variety of shapes, sizes and textures, but like Jade, need direct sunlight for many hours of the day.


Dracaena come in numerous varieties, structures and sizes. They also have lush strappy foliage, which is regularly variegated in sprinkles of alternate shading. Easy to keep maintained, it prefers good light but not direct sun. This includes artificial light so perfect for any office where lights are on all day, but there are no windows close by.

Choosing the right indoor plants for your office or home will not only turn your brown thumb green, but it will also turn your friends green…with envy!